An arrangement of nerve fibers, running from the spine where it proceeds through the neck then the axilla and into the arm where it innervates skin and muscle. [WP,modified]. [ ]

Synonyms: brachial plexus

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check superclass - nerve vs collection of fibers vs junction; note that FMA also has 'brachial autonomic nerve plexus'

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A nerve plexus originating from the anterior branches of the last four cervical and the first thoracic spinal nerves, giving off many of the principal nerves of the shoulder, chest, and arms. [TFD][VHOG]

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plexus brachialis

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To reach the muscles, dermatomes, and other structures of the limbs, some of the neurons in the spinal nerves come together in the plexus at the base of the limb. Such plexuses occur in all gnathostomes, and they reach their highest complexity among mammals and birds in which the cervical plexus supplies many ventral neck muscles, the brachial plexus supplies the pectoral appendage, a lumbosacral plexus supplies the pelvic appendage, and a coccygeal plexus supplies some of the pelvic muscles.[well established][VHOG]