Cytoarchitectural layer of the retina that is made up of a dense reticulum of fibrils formed by interlaced dendrites of retinal ganglion cells and cells of the inner nuclear layer (adapted from Wikipedia) [ NLX:20558 ]

Synonyms: stratum plexiforme internum retinal inner plexiform layer retina inner plexiform layer

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stratum plexiforme internum retinae [ ]

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external definition

The layer within the retina where the bipolar cells synapse with the dendrites of the ganglion cells.[TAO]

The inner plexiform layer (IPL) is positioned between the INL and the ganglion cell layer and contains the dendrites of RGCs and processes of bipolar and amacrine cells[GO][GO:0010842].

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has related synonym

retina, inner plexiform layer

retinal internal plexiform layer

stratum plexifome internum

stratum plexiforme internum retinae

inner plexiform layer

internal plexiform layer of retina

homology notes

(...) an essentially similar sequence of events occurs during the embryonic development of the vertebrate eye. The eye initially develops as a single median evagination of the diencephalon that soon bifurcates to form the paired optic vesicles. As each optic vesicle grows towards the body surface, its proximal part narrows as the optic stalk, and its distal part invaginates to form a two-layered optic cup. (...) The outer layer of the optic cup becomes the pigment layer of the retina, whereas the inner layer differentiates into the photoreceptive cells and neuronal layers of the retina.[well established][VHOG]