The row of jucntional complexes between the plasma membranes of rod segments and the Muller glia cells; this barrier separates the layer of inner and outer segments of the rods and cones from the outer nuclear layer and forms a blood-retina barrier[MP]. [ MP:0010236 ]

Synonyms: stratum limitans externum retinae retina outer limiting membrane retina external limiting lamina external limiting membrane of retina outer limiting membrane outer limiting membrane of retina external limiting membrane stratum limitans externum (retina) external limiting lamina of retina

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Term information


pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

plural term
outer limiting membranes [ ZFA:0001331 ]

latin term
stratum limitans externum retinae [ FMA:58683 FMA:TA ]

has related synonym

outer limiting membranes


blood retina barrier