A skeletal muscle organ that is part of the trunk region. [ http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6601-2165 ]

Synonyms: trunk musculature muscle of trunk trunk muscle muscle organ of torso muscle organ of trunk trunk muscle organ body musculature torso muscle organ

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Term information

database cross reference

uberon_slim, vertebrate_core

editor note

Note that this class excludes smooth muscle elements in the trunk region, such as the internal anal sphincter. This appears to be consistent with other ontologies such as FMA and ZFA which appear to only include skeletal muscles here. In fact the MA class 'trunk muscle' is classified as a 'set of skeletal muscles'.

external ontology notes

Many ontologies do not appear to have a coherent distinction between an individual muscle and the musculature (i.e. the set of muscles in a region), so we group all together here.