the smooth stratified squamous epithelium that covers the outer surface of the cornea [ ]

Synonyms: epithelial tissue of cornea cornea epithelial tissue epithelium of cornea external epithelium of cornea epithelium corneƦ anterior layer epithelium anterius corneae epithelium anterius (cornea) cornea epithelium anterior corneal epithelium

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latin term
epithelium anterius corneae [ FMA:TA FMA:58263 ]

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external definition

Portion of tissue comprised of four to six layers of nonkeratinized, stratified squamous cells and represents approximately 60% of the thickness of the cornea.[TAO]

has related synonym

endothelium corneale

endothelium camerae anterioris bulbi

epithelium posterius corneae

e. anterius corneae

anterior endothelium of cornea

endothelium anterius corneae



taxon notes

In Humans: It consists of several layers of cells. The cells of the deepest layer are columnar; then follow two or three layers of polyhedral cells, the majority of which are prickle cells similar to those found in the stratum mucosum of the cuticle. Lastly, there are three or four layers of squamous cells, with flattened nuclei

In zebrafish: nonpigmented, stratified squamous nonkeratinizing epithelial cells, attached to a thick basement membrane that is considered to be analogous to the Bowman's membrane in mammals