A condensation of odontoblasts that forms the part of a tooth germ that gives rise to dentin and pulp in the mature tooth. It lies below a cellular aggregation known as the enamel organ. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dental_papilla ]

Synonyms: odontogenic condensation

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development notes

In humans, the dental papilla appears after 8-10 weeks intra uteral life

external definition

Cell condensation that is a well-defined population of densely organized mesenchymal cells that aggregates adjacent to an epithelium.[VSAO]

Tissue of the developing tooth. It is composed of pre-odontoblast and undiffentiated mesnchyme cells and connects to the basal lamina.[TAO]

has narrow synonym

pharyngeal tooth mesenchyme

has related synonym

tooth mesenchyme

dentinal papilla

papilla dentis

dental papilla

dermal papilla

homology notes

Teeth and tooth-like structures, together named odontodes, are repeated organs thought to share a common evolutionary origin. These structures can be found in gnathostomes at different locations along the body: oral teeth in the jaws, teeth and denticles in the oral-pharyngeal cavity, and dermal denticles on elasmobranch skin.[uncertain][VHOG]