A dentine-like hypermineralized substance that covers the tooth tip. Enamel's primary mineral is hydroxylapatite, which is a crystalline calcium phosphate. Unlike dentin and bone, enamel does not contain collagen. Instead, it has two unique classes of proteins called amelogenins and enamelins[WP]. [ http://zfin.org/curator http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enamel_organ ]

Synonyms: enamel tissue enamel of tooth tooth enamel

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current classification under substance of tooth may be turned into taxon GCI (e.g. sharks have enamel in dermal denticles)

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Skeletal tissue that consists of an avascular, noncollagenous, hypermineralized matrix that is deposited by ameloblasts that are excluded from the matrix. Enamel develops from organic pre-enamel tissue that is replaced by a largely inorganic matrix.[VSAO]

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part_of tooth enamel organ in MA