Collagen-rich odontogenic tissue characteristic of teeth and tooth-like skeletal elements (e.g., odontodes); mature dentine is mineralized and develops from predentine tissue; often (but not always) tubular and acellular. [ PSPUB:0000170 VSAO:0000069 ]

Synonyms: dentine of tooth dentin

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external definition

Mineralized collagen containing substance that forms the tooth structure.[TAO]

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homology notes

Dentine is a bona fide vertebrate novelty, and dentine-secreting odontoblasts represent a cell type that is exclusively derived from the neural crest.[well established][VHOG]



taxon notes

Dentine is found in the fossil record as early as the late Cambrian, in fish, where it may have had a role in electrochemical sensing of the environment as well as assisting in defense[WP]