Subdivision of head that consists of the lower jaw skeletal elements plus associated soft tissue (skin, lips, muscle)[cjm]. [ ]

Synonyms: mandibular part of mouth

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uberon_slim, efo_slim, vertebrate_core


See notes for jaw w.r.t skeletal element vs subdivision of head

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Inferior mandibular arch located on the anterior and lateral sides of the skull.[AAO]

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Note isa/partof difference MA/FMA

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lower part of mouth
mandibular series

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Subsequent vertebrate evolution has also involved major alterations to the pharynx; perhaps the most notable occurred with the evolution of the gnathostomes. This involved substantial modifications to the most anterior pharyngeal segments, with the jaw forming from the first, anterior, pharyngeal segment, while the second formed its supporting apparatus, the hyoid.[well established][VHOG]