Subdivision of skeleton which includes upper and lower jaw skeletons. [ ]

Synonyms: jaw mandibular arch skeleton jaw cartilage

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database cross reference

uberon_slim, pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

development notes

There are cellular contributions from all three embryonic germ layers: pharyngeal mesoderm, endoderm and neural crest that migrates out of the ectoderm (Noden, 1983).

editor note

TODO - move ZFA:0001227 (it is the entire jaw skeleton).

external definition

Skeletal and cartilage elements of the first pharyngeal arch.[TAO]

external ontology notes

in FMA, the jaw is an organism subdivision cluster, and includes mucosal tissue such as the gingiva as parts. It appears to be skeletal in MA (and has teeth as parts). It is reasonable to assume that ZFA and XAO consider the upper and lower jaws to be skeletal elements or clusters. EHDAA2 also considers these clusters. TODO - follow EHDAA2 model. These arbitrary differences in terminology and classification have to be reconciled with the genuine well-known biological differences in the skeletal elements across vertebrates

has related synonym

pharyngeal arch 1 skeleton


mandibular arch

anterior splanchnocranium

oral jaw skeleton

visceral arch 1