An anatomical cavity that is part of the olfactory apparatus. This includes the space bounded anteriorly by the nares and posteriorly by the choanae, when these structures are present. [ ]

Synonyms: nasal canal cavity of olfactory apparatus nasal fossa olfactory chamber cavity cavity of nose nasal conduit space

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define the boundaries of this cavity for a variety of species and check that parthood relations are not too strong.

external definition

a large air filled space above and behind the nose in the middle of the face[WP][Wikipedia:Nasal_cavity].

Saclike space internal to the nasal capsule lined by respiratory and sensory epithelium and glandular tissue.[AAO]

has related synonym

olfactory pit

olfactory cavity

cavum nasi

nasal pit

cavitas nasalis

cavitas nasi

olfactory chamber

homology notes

Despite significant modification to the nasal cavity within Archosauria and its extreme hypertrophy and supraorbital development in Lambeosaurinae, the neural olfactory system and the olfactory region of the nasal cavity proper retain their plesiomorphic positions and associations, suggesting that this system is highly conserved in vertebrate evolution.[well established][VHOG]



taxon notes

in humans, the cavity includes and starts at the nares and reaches all the way through to the and includes the choanae, the posterior nasal apertures