Subdivision of skeletal system that surrounds and protects the brain. Includes the skull base, sensory capsules and the central part of the skull roof. [ ZFA:0001580 TAO:MAH ]

Synonyms: brain box

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development notes

The cartilaginous parts of the neurocranium undergo endochondral ossification in most species; ossification has been lost in cartilaginous fishes, but the cartilaginous condition of the skull of lampreys is considered to be primitive (Kardong, 1995)[PMID:11523816]. The neurocranium arises from paraxial mesoderm in the head (first five somites and the unsegmented somitomeres rostral to the first somite) and from ectoderm via the neural crest. In Chondrichthyes and other cartilaginous vertebrates this portion of the cranium does not ossify; it is not replaced via endochondral ossification[WP].

external definition

Anatomical cluster that consists of the cartilages and bones that surround the brain.[TAO]

external ontology notes

It seems MA uses 'neurocranium' as a synonym for chondrocranium. Note there are currently some structures part of both viscero and neurocranium - ethmoid, zyogomatic, ...

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brain pan

brain case




structure notes

It includes the following bones: Ethmoid bone, Frontal bone, Occipital bone, Parietal bone, Sphenoid bone, Temporal bone. The term cranium can be ambiguous, in that it can refer to the neurocranium, or the neurocranium and the Facial skeleton