the group of sensory neuron cell bodies associated with the facial nerve (seventh cranial nerve) [ MP:0001082 ]

Synonyms: genicular ganglion ganglion genicularum facial VII ganglion gVII

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uberon_slim, efo_slim, pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

latin term
ganglion geniculi nervi facialis [ ]

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editor note

resolve facial VII vs geniculate (see EHDAA2)

has broad synonym


has related synonym

geniculate ganglion

ganglion geniculi nervi facialis

facial ganglion

internal genu

ganglion geniculi

homology notes

These (the epibranchial placodes) are focal thickenings of the embryonic ectoderm that form immediately dorsal and caudal of the clefts between the pharyngeal arches in all vertebrates, and they produce the neuroblasts which migrate and condense to form the distal cranial ganglia: the geniculate, petrosal and nodose ganglia. (...) The one substantial difference between the vertebrate pharyngeal arches and those of the protochordates is the presence of the epibranchial placodes but the evolution of these structures was undoubtedly driven by the endoderm.[well established][VHOG]