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  • A paired dermal bone situated in the mid-palate[Palaeos].
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external comment
  • Dermopalatine: same as palatine. The prefix is used by fish people because the palatine is a dermal replacement bone for a section of the autopalatine section of the palatoquadrate. In that context, palatine is potentially ambiguous.[Palaeos]
  • In ostariophysans, the dermopalatine is absent.[TAO]
external definition
  • Dermal bone that forms the antero-lateral region of the palate and is located ventral to the autopalatine. The dermopalatine is bilaterally paired and usually bears teeth.[TAO]
has narrow synonym
  • dermopalatine
has related synonym
  • os palatinum
  • palatum
  • palate bone
  • UBERON:0001682
taxon notes
  • Fusion of dermopalatine+autopalatine.