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  • Cranial nerve that runs to the eye muscles.
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external definition
  • Somatic motor nerve which bifurcates innervating m. rectus lateralis and m. retractor bulbi (eye muscles).[AAO]
has exact synonym
  • abducent nerve [VI]
  • abducens nerve [VI]
  • nervus abducens
  • lateral rectus nerve
  • abducens VI nerve
  • abducens nerve tree
  • sixth cranial nerve
  • nervus abducens [VI]
has related synonym
  • CN-VI
  • abducents VI nerve
  • nerve VI
  • abducens nerve/root
  • abducent nerve
  • nervus abducens
  • cranial nerve VI
homology notes
  • We conclude this section by listing some of the many synapomorphies of craniates, including (...) (5) cranial nerves (...) (reference 1); Phylogenetically, the cranial nerves are thought to have evolved from dorsal and ventral nerves of a few anterior spinal nerves that became incorporated into the braincase. Dorsal and ventral nerves fuse in the trunk but not in the head, and they produce two series: dorsal cranial nerves (V, VII, IX, and X) and ventral cranial nerves (III, IV, VI, and XIII) (reference 2).[well established][VHOG]
  • UBERON:0001646
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taxon notes
  • Homologous abducens nerves are found in all vertebrates except lampreys and hagfishes.[WP] It controls the movement of a single muscle, the lateral rectus muscle of the eye, in humans. In most other mammals it also innervates the musculus retractor bulbi, which can retract the eye for protection