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Term information

database cross reference

uberon_slim, vertebrate_core


A tube extending from the mouth to the anus.

external definition

The alimentary or digestive tract, and associated organs.[TAO]

external ontology notes

FMA also has a term 'gastrointestinal tract', but this includes the liver.

we place the MA and EMAPA class here, although the intent is probably a smaller region. See

has exact synonym

digestive tube

enteric tract

has narrow synonym

alimentary tract

alimentary canal

has related synonym

digestive canal

gut tube

homology notes

The bilaterian gut is typically a complete tube that opens to the exterior at both ends. It consists of mouth, foregut, midgut, hindgut, and anus (reference 1); Although all vertebrates have a digestive tract and accessory glands, various parts of this system are not necessarily homologous, analogous, or even present in all species. Therefore, broad comparisons can be best made under the listings of headgut, foregut, midgut, pancreas and biliary system, hindgut (reference 2).[well established][VHOG]



never in taxon

terminology notes

we following Kardong in naming the entire tube from mouth to anus the alimentary canal. Kardong calls the portion of this tract that excludes buccal cavity and pharynx the 'alimentary canal', consider adding an extra class for this