One of two laterally paired arteries that supplies the pectoral appendages, usually branching from the dorsal aorta [ ]

Synonyms: arterial tree of upper limb pectoral artery subclavian arterial tree arteria subclavia

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arteria subclavia [ XAO:0000365 ]

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Developmental relationships should be added (intersegmental artery and right dorsal aorta in EHDAA2, occipitovertebral artery in XAO)

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The pectoral (subclavian) arteries originate from the dorsal aorta and takes the blood outward into the fin from the paired portion of the dorsal aorta posterior to the last aortic arch. Kimmel et al. 1993[TAO]

In human anatomy, the subclavian artery is a major artery of the upper thorax that mainly supplies blood to the head and arms. It is located below the clavicle, hence the name. There is a left subclavian and a right subclavian. On the left side of the body, the subclavian comes directly off the arch of aorta. On the right side of the body, the subclavian arises from the relatively short brachiocephalic artery (trunk) when it bifurcates into the subclavian and the right common carotid artery. The usual branches of the subclavian on both sides of the body are the vertebral artery, the internal thoracic artery, the thyrocervical trunk, the costocervical trunk and the dorsal scapular artery. The subclavian becomes the axillary artery at the lateral border of the first rib[WP]

Artery which supplies blood via branches to the various muscles of the shoulder region and to the forelimb.[AAO]

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arteria subclavia