Endochondral tarsal bone articulating with centralia and metatarsal 2. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intermediate_cuneiform_bone VSAO:0005053 ]

Synonyms: os tarsale II second cuneiform bone cuneiforme 2 tarsal 2 mesocuneiforme distal tarsal 2 bone middle cuneiform bone of foot second cuneiform bone of foot middle cuneiform intermediate cuneiform os cuneiforme intermedium

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latin term
os tarsale II [ NominaAnatomicaVeterinaria:2005 ]

latin term
os cuneiforme intermedium [ NominaAnatomicaVeterinaria:2005 ]


The intermediate cuneiform (also known as second cuneiform / middle cuneiform) is shaped like a wedge, the thin end pointing downwards. It is situated between the other two cuneiforms (the medial and lateral cuneiforms), and articulates with the navicular posteriorly, the second metatarsal anteriorly and with the other cuneiforms on either side. [WP,unvetted]

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external definition

Small element that articulates anteriorly with metatarsal II. It may be fused to tarsal 1 or to tarsal 3.[AAO]

has related synonym

os cuneiforme secundum

distal tarsal 2

2nd cuneiform

foot distal carpal bone 2

os cuneiforme intermedium

intermediate cuneiform bone