Endochondral tarsal bone articulating with centralia and metatarsal 1. [ VSAO:0005052 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medial_cuneiform_bone ]

Synonyms: cuneiforme 1 tarsal 1 medial cuneiform distal tarsal 1 bone os tarsale I first cuneiform first cuneiform bone entocuneiforme medial cuneiform bone os cuneiforme mediale

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Term information



latin term
os cuneiforme mediale [ NominaAnatomicaVeterinaria:2005 ]

latin term
os tarsale I [ NominaAnatomicaVeterinaria:2005 ]

latin term
os cuneiforme mediale [ FMA:TA ]

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external definition

Small element that articulates with the prehallux, metatarsal I and element Y. It may be fused to tarsal 2.[AAO]

has related synonym

ossa cuneiforme mediale

os cuneiforme primum

foot distal carpal bone 1

distal tarsal 1

os cuneiform primum

1st cuneiform

os cuneiforme mediale