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Synonyms: distal carpal 3 capitate bone os magnum (carpus) capitate

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external definition

Small element that articulates anteriorly with metacarpal III(II). It may be fused to carpals 2(1), 4(3), 5(4), or other elements.[AAO]

has related synonym


carpal 3

hand distal carpal bone 3

os magnum

os capitatum



taxon notes

medially located and articulates with metacarpals 2-4, distal carpal 5 and the intermedium[VSAO] In the human hand, the capitate bone is the largest of the carpal bones, and occupies the center of the wrist - The capitate articulates with seven bones: the scaphoid and lunate proximally, the second metacarpal, third metacarpal, and fourth metacarpal distally, the lesser multangular on the radial side, and the hamate on the ulnar side