A clear, colorless, bodily fluid, that occupies the subarachnoid space and the ventricular system around and inside the brain and spinal cord. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerebrospinal_fluid ]

Synonyms: CSF cerebral spinal fluid

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uberon_slim, efo_slim, pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

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many sources state the CP as sole producer of CSF, but this is disputed [DOI:10.1007/s11064-015-1581-6]

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Portion of organism substance that is a clear fluid that occupies the subarachnoid space and the ventricular system around and inside the brain.[TAO]

external ontology notes

the FMA def states that this is subarachnoid spaces only. ZFA def states subarachnoid spaces and brain ventricles, but not SC (and has part_of to brain). Circulation: It circulates from the lateral ventricles to the foramen of Monro (Interventricular foramen), third ventricle, aqueduct of Sylvius (Cerebral aqueduct), fourth ventricle, foramen of Magendie (Median aperture) and foramina of Luschka (Lateral apertures), subarachnoid space over brain and spinal cord. It should be noted that the CSF moves in a pulsatile manner throughout the CSF system with nearly zero net flow. CSF is reabsorbed into venous sinus blood via arachnoid granulations.

EHDAA2 models this as developing from CP, which is wrong

has related synonym

liquor cerebrospinalis

spinal fluid

homology notes

In vertebrates, at early stages of Central Nervous System (CNS) development, the architecture of the brain primordium reveals the presence of the cavity of brain vesicles, which is filled by Embryonic Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (E-CSF). (...) Rat and chick E-CSF proteomes are similar, although rat is more complex in certain groups of proteins, e.g., apolipoproteins, which may be involved in the control of neural diversity, and has soluble enzymes present, just like adult human CSF, but unlike chick E-CSF, revealing phylogenetic brain differences between these groups of vertebrates.[uncertain][VHOG]