The organism subdivision that includes the pelvic girdle skeleton and associated soft tissue. Note that this includes both the skeletal elements and associated tissues (integument, muscle, etc). Examples: There are only two instances in an organism, right and left pectoral girdle regions. [ FMA:23217 FMA:16581 UBERONREF:0000003 ]

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Term information


uberon_slim, vertebrate_core

curator notes

this class describes the subdivision of the limb/fin, NOT the skeleton within. See also: skeleton of pectoral girdle (UBERON:0007831). See also comments on obo-anatomy mail list. Note that even though the class includes soft tissue it is more restrictive than 'pelvis' which also includes structures in cavities etc. TODO this needs to be better documented

external definition

Subdivision of lower limb or fin which links the limb/fin to the body[FMA,modified]. There is only one instance of the pelvic girdle region per organism.[VSAO]

has related synonym

girdle - pelvic

pelvic girdle