distensible musculomembranous organ situated in the anterior part of the pelvic cavity in which urine collects before excretion[MP]. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urinary_bladder http://www.informatics.jax.org/accession/anna ]

Synonyms: vesica urinaria

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A saccular organ in which urine accumulates before discharge from the body. [Bemis_WE, Functional_Anatomy_of_the_Vertebrates:_An_Evolutionary_Perspective, Glossary_G-29, Grande_L, Liem_KF, Third_Edition_(2001)_Orlando_Fla.:_Harcourt_College_Publishers, Walker_WF][VHOG]

Anatomical structure which consists of a membranous sac used to temporarily store urine until it is excreted from the body.[AAO]

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homology notes

In tetrapods, the urinary bladder arises as an outpocketing of the cloaca. (...) The tetrapod urinary bladder appears first among amphibians and is present in Sphenodon, turtles, most lizards, ostriches among birds, and all mammals.[well established][VHOG]



taxon notes

The urinary bladder evolved in tetrapods. Birds to not possess a true urinary bladder, although Palaeognathae have an undifferentiated cloacal outpocketing that serves a similar function[https://github.com/obophenotype/uberon/issues/454]