the structure containing the glomerular capsule and the glomerulus that serves as the initial blood-filtering component of a nephron [ MP:0002827 ]

Synonyms: Malphigian corpuscle Malpighian corpuscle corpusculum renale

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Together, the Bowmans capsule and the glomerulus comprise the definitive renal corpuscle.

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The part of the nephron that filters blood.[TAO]

A tuft of capillaries found in a Bowman's capsule in which waste products are filtered from the blood and urine formation is initiated. Paired highly vascularized structures of the pronephros, responsible for blood filtration.[XAO]

A mass of arterial capillaries enveloped in a capsule and attached to a tubule in the kidney[BTO]

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corpusculum renis

cortical renal corpuscle

kidney corpuscle