A complex network of conduits that begins with the canals of Hering (intralobar bile duct) and progressively merges into a system of interlobular, septal, and major ducts which then coalesce to form the extrahepatic bile ducts, which finally deliver bile to the intestine, and in some species to the gallbladder. [ https://doi.org/10.1002/ar.20664 ]

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The path in many species is as follows: Bile canaliculi -> Canals of Hering (intralobar bile duct) -> interlobular bile ducts -> intrahepatic bile ducts -> left and right hepatic ducts merge to form -> common hepatic duct *exits liver* and joins -> cystic duct (from gall bladder) forming -> common bile duct -> joins with pancreatic duct -> forming ampulla of Vater -> enters duodenum [WP]

external definition

Hollow tree organ, the organ parts of which consist of the bile ducts.[AAO]

has related synonym

biliary tract