The part of the stomach attached to the esophagus. The cardia begins immediately distal to the z-line of the gastroeosphageal junction, where the squamous epithelium of the esophagus gives way to the columnar epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract[WP] [ ]

Synonyms: gastric cardia pars cardiaca (gaster) cardial part of stomach pars cardiaca gastricae stomach cardiac region

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pars cardiaca gastricae [ FMA:TA FMA:14561 ]

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There were previously conflicting statements in the academic anatomy community[10][11][12] over whether the cardia is part of the stomach, part of the esophagus or a distinct entity. Modern surgical and medical textbooks have agreed that 'The gastric cardia is now clearly considered to be part of the stomach'[13][14]. Classical anatomy textbooks, and some other resources[15], describe the cardia as the first of 4 regions of the stomach. This makes sense histologically because the mucosa of the cardia is the same as that of the stomach[WP]

We follow Kardong in defining stomach regions by glands.

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cardiac region

cardiac orifice

cardial orifice

cardiac antrum

antrum cardiacum