Muscle tissue that consists primarily of skeletal muscle fibers. [ ]

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  • Muscle tissue that consists primarily of skeletal muscle fibers.
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editor note
  • TODO - add skeletal muscle organ? See GO:0060538 skeletal muscle organ development. Todo - group FBbt:00005073 - somatic muscle.
external definition
  • Muscle, composed of long cylindrical, multinucleated cells that attaches to the skeleton via tendons.[TAO]
  • Tissue which consists of skeletal muscle fibers surrounded by endomysium. Examples: Skeletal muscle tissue of biceps, Skeletal muscle tissue of diaphragm[FMA]
has broad synonym
  • skeletal muscle
has related synonym
  • somatic muscle
  • skeletal muscle system
homology notes
  • This result implies the following views in terms of evolutionary differentiation: (1) Arthropod striated muscle and vertebrate skeletal and cardiac muscles share a common ancestor. In other words, they did not evolve independently (...) (5) The divergence of vertebrate skeletal and cardiac muscles/vertebrate smooth muscle and nonmuscle is at least before that of vertebrates/arthropods. In other words, emergence of skeletal and cardiac musle type tissues preceded the vertebrate/arthropod divergence (ca. 700 MYA).[well established][VHOG]
  • UBERON:0001134