Subdivision of skeletal system that consists of all the vertebra and associated skeletal elements and joints in the body[modified from VSAO]. [ VSAO:0000185 ]

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Term information

database cross reference

uberon_slim, efo_slim, pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

editor note

Note that in contrast to VSAO, this is a subset of the skeletal system, and thus includes intervertebral joints, cartilage and ligaments etc. Some ontologies such as AAO seem to purely refer to the skeleton

external definition

The vertebral column consists of a series of vertebrae connected by ligaments. It provides a supporting axis for the body and protects the spinal cord. [TFD][VHOG]

Anatomical cluster that consists of all the vertebra in the body.[VSAO]

has narrow synonym


vertebral column skeleton

has related synonym

columna vertebralis

vertebral region

spinal column

dorsal spine

homology notes

Vertebrata is characterized by three synapomorphies. First, vertebrates have a backbone composed of vertebrae (...).[well established][VHOG]