The caudate lobe (posterior hepatic segment I, Spigelian lobe) is situated upon the postero-superior surface of the liver on the right lobe of the liver, opposite the tenth and eleventh thoracic vertebrae. It is bounded on the left side by the physiological division of the liver called the ligamentum venosum. It is bounded, below, by the porta; on the right, by the fossa for the inferior vena cava; and, on the left, by the fossa for the ductus venosus. It looks backward, being nearly vertical in position; it is longer from above downward than from side to side, and is somewhat concave in the transverse direction. The caudate process is a small elevation of the hepatic substance extending obliquely and laterally, from the lower extremity of the caudate lobe to the under surface of the right lobe. It is situated behind the porta, and separates the fossa for the gall-bladder from the commencement of the fossa for the inferior vena cava. Budd-Chiari syndrome, caused by occlusion of hepatic venous outflow, can lead to hypertrophy of the caudate lobe due to its own caval anastomosis that allows for continued function of this lobe of the liver. [WP,unvetted]. [ ]

Synonyms: segment I of liver posterior part of liver Spigel lobe posterior liver hepatovenous segment I pars posterior hepatis segmentum hepatis I lobus caudatus lobus caudatus hepatis Spiegelian lobe posterior hepatic segment i couinaud hepatic segment I liver caudate lobe

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latin term
segmentum hepatis I [ FMA:TA FMA:13365 ]

latin term
pars posterior hepatis [ FMA:TA FMA:13365 ]

latin term
lobus caudatus hepatis [ FMA:TA FMA:13365 ]

latin term
lobus caudatus

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The portion of the right lobe of the liver between the fissure of the ligamentum venosum and the bare area of the liver. It ends into the superior recess of the lesser peritoneal sac. [Dorian_AF, Elsevier's_encyclopaedic_dictionary_of_medicine, Part_B:_Anatomy_(1988)_Amsterdam_etc.:_Elsevier][VHOG]

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liver caudate process
segment hepatis posterius I

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The caudate lobe is the only real and constant hepatic lobe of mammals (...) .[well established][VHOG]