The right lobe is much larger than the left; the proportion between them being as six to one. It occupies the right hypochondrium, and is separated from the left lobe on its upper surface by the falciform ligament; on its under and posterior surfaces by the left sagittal fossa; and in front by the umbilical notch. It is of a somewhat quadrilateral form, its under and posterior surfaces being marked by three fossæ: the porta and the fossæ for the gall-bladder and inferior vena cava, which separate its left part into two smaller lobes; the quadrate and caudate lobes. [WP,unvetted]. [ ]

Synonyms: liver right lobe lobus hepaticus dexter right liver lobe

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uberon_slim, vertebrate_core

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gall bladder lobe [ ZFA:0005173 ]

latin term
lobus hepaticus dexter

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Portion of the liver which develops on the fish's right side adjacent to the gall bladder.[TAO]

has related synonym

second lobe

lobus hepatis dexter

2nd lobe

right hepatic lobe

gall bladder lobe