The sternohyoid muscle is a thin, narrow muscle attaching the hyoid bone to the sternum, one of the paired strap muscles of the infrahyoid muscles serving to depress the hyoid bone. It is innervated by the ansa cervicalis. The muscle arises from the posterior border of the medial end of the clavicle, the posterior sternoclavicular ligament, and the upper and posterior part of the manubrium sterni. Passing upward and medially, it is inserted by short tendinous fibers into the lower border of the body of the hyoid bone. [WP,unvetted]. [ ]

Synonyms: m. sternohyoideus sternohyoid sternohyoideus sternohyoideus muscle

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uberon_slim, vertebrate_core

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draws hyoid posteriorly.

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The sternohyoid is a somitic muscle that participates in oral/pharyngeal behaviors and is innervated by the cervical plexus; it attaches to the hyoid appratus and the sternum.[FEED]

external ontology notes

Note that as defined here, this structure attaches to the sternum, which is a tetrapod structure. TAO has class 'sternohyoid' as part of mandibular muscle, but no sternum, so excluded here. The TAO/ZFA class has no definition, but the dictionary of icthyology states: 'a large muscle originating on the ventral spine of the postcleithrum and inserting on the sides of the urohyal. It functions in rapid opening of the jaw and expanding the buccal cavity' - a generic way of grouping these is via a hyoid - girdle connection

has related synonym

musculus sternohyoideus