Paired processes at the caudal end of the neural arch. The articular facets of the postzygapophyses face lateroventrally and articulate with the dorsomedially facing facets of the prezygapophyses of the succeeding vertebra. [ AAO:LAP ]

Synonyms: processus articularis inferior vertebrae caudal articular process of vertebra processus articularis inferior vertebra caudal articular process neural postzygopophysis zygapophysis inferior postzygapophysis inferior articular process of vertebra

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pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

preferred term when talking about an instance of this class in Homo sapiens
inferior articular process of vertebra [ FMA:11954 ]

plural term
neural postzygapophyses [ TAO:0000681 ]

latin term
processus articularis inferior vertebrae [ FMA:TA FMA:11954 ]

dubious or contested synonym
neural postzygapophysis [ ZFA:0000681 ]

latin term
zygapophysis inferior [ FMA:11954 FMA:TA ]


Posteriorly projecting processes allowing de facto contact between consecutive vertebrae (some soft tissues are also present) via articular facets. [PHENOSCAPE:NI]

external definition

Paired, dorsomedially directed processes on the posterior ends of the centra, ligamentously joined to the neural prezygapophyses of the immediately posterior vertebra.[TAO]

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has narrow synonym

neural postzygapophysis

has related synonym

neural postzygapophyses

processus obliquus posterior

neural postzygopophyses



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