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An extension of a neural arches dorsal to the neural canal[TAO,modified]. [ TAO : 0001336 ]

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Term information


uberon_slim, pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

plural term
neural spines [ ZFA : 0001336 ]
axiom lost from external ontology
  • relationship loss: part_of mid-dorsal keel (AAO:0000735)[AAO]
  • An extension of a neural arches dorsal to the neural canal[TAO,modified].
depicted by
external definition
  • Elaboration of the mid-dorsal keel into a posterior or posterolateral process.[AAO]
  • Small, posteriorly directed process at the posterior margin of each neural arch lamina; it is not a neural spine.[AAO]
  • Neural spines are extensions of neural arches dorsal to the neural canal in the median skeletogenous septum. Neural spines are typically unpaired median structures but can be paired in some instances, e.g., in the abdominal region of basal teleosts such as Leptolepis, Elops, Megalops, and Hiodon).[TAO]
has broad synonym
  • spinous process
has exact synonym
  • spinous process of vertebra
  • processus spinosus vertebrae
  • processus spinosus
  • vertebra spinous process
has related synonym
  • neural spines
  • spine of verterba
  • neural spine
  • UBERON:0001076
taxon notes
  • The spinous process of a vertebra is directed backward and downward from the junction of the laminae (in humans), and serves for the attachment of muscles and ligaments. In animals without an erect stance, the process points upward and may slant forward or backward. Spinous processes are exaggerated in some animals, such as the extinct Dimetrodon and Spinosaurus, where they form a sail- or finback. [Wikipedia:Spinous_process]