The main excretory tubular canal that connects the parotid gland and the buccal mucosa and secretes a serous saliva into the vestibule of the oral cavity; it arises from the anterior surface of the gland, traversing the masseter muscle; the duct then pierces the buccinator muscle, moving medially, and opens out into the oral cavity near the second upper molar; saliva produced by acinar secretory cells in the glandular body flows sequentially through the intercalated ducts, striated ducts, and excretory ducts. [ MP:0009530 ]

Synonyms: Stenon duct Stensens's duct Stensen's duct main excretory duct of parotid gland main duct of parotid gland

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we follow MP in identifying the 'parotid duct' with the main excretory duct, although in fact the parotid has many other ducts of different types

has broad synonym

parotid excretory duct

duct of parotid gland

duct of parotid

parotid duct

excretory duct of parotid gland

parotid gland duct

has related synonym

ductus parotideus


ductus stenonianus