the small lobe of the cerebellum at the posterior border of the middle cerebellar peduncle anterior to the biventer lobule that receives input from the inferior and medial vestibular nuclei and sends fibers back to the vestibular nuclei, and processes and integrates these signals to allow for the constant maintenance of balance [ MP:0010006 ]

Synonyms: flocculus of cerebellum neuraxis flocculus

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uberon_slim, pheno_slim

external ontology notes

flocculus is an exact label for two distinct classes in NIF.

function notes

At its base, the flocculus receives input from the middle ears vestibular system and regulates balance. Many floccular projections descend to the spinal cord and connect to the motor nuclei involved in control of eye movement.

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lobule H X of Larsell

lobule X

hemispheric lobule X

lobule X of hemisphere of cerebellum



taxon notes

enlarged in pterosaurs