Prominent lobed neuropils found in annelids and all arthropods except crustaceans. They are thought to be involved in olfactory associative learning and memory[MESH] Mushroom body neuropils are divided into calyces, pedunculus, and its subsequent lobes. In Drosophila these are the alpha, beta, and gamma lobes. [ MESH:A13.641 ]

Synonyms: mushroom bodies

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uberon_slim, efo_slim

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mushroom bodies

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corps pédonculés@fr

corpora pedunculata



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Also in annelids. 'Comparison to the vertebrate pallium reveals that the annelid mushroom bodies develop from similar molecular coordinates within a conserved overall molecular brain topology and that their development involves conserved patterning mechanisms and produces conserved neuron types that existed already in the proto- stome-deuterostome ancestors. These data indicate deep homology of pallium and mushroom bodies and date back the origin of higher brain centers to prebilaterian times'

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