Portion of connective tissue composed of adipocytes enmeshed in areolar tissue [ http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6601-2165 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adipose_tissue MESH:A10.165.114 MP:0000003 http://www.informatics.jax.org/accession/cwg ]

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database cross reference
  • EMAPA:35112
  • BTO:0001487
  • Wikipedia:Adipose_tissue
  • AEO:000020
  • SCTID:55603005
  • MAT:0000015
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  • UMLS:C0001527 (ncithesaurus:Adipose_Tissue)
  • MESH:D000273

uberon_slim, efo_slim, pheno_slim, vertebrate_core

axiom lost from external ontology

relationship loss: subclass connective tissue proper (AAO:0000099)[AAO]


Portion of connective tissue composed of adipocytes enmeshed in areolar tissue

external definition

Tissue that contains adipocytes, used for cushioning, thermal insulation, lubrication (primarily in the pericardium) and energy storage.[AAO]

Connective tissue in which fat is stored.[TAO]

external ontology notes

in FMA this is dense irregular connective tissue

has exact synonym


fatty tissue

fat tissue

has related synonym


fatty depot


homology notes

Adipose tissue is unique to vertebrates. It is found in mostmammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, and a variety is found in some species of fish. Furthermore, in insects the fat body found in larvae as well as in adults shares some homology with adipose tissue.[well established][VHOG]



taxon notes

In humans, adipose tissue is located beneath the skin (subcutaneous fat), around internal organs (visceral fat), in bone marrow (yellow bone marrow) and in breast tissue. Adipose tissue is found in specific locations, which are referred to as adipose depots. Adipose tissue contains several cell types, with the highest percentage of cells being adipocytes, which contain fat droplets. Other cell types include fibroblasts, macrophages, and endothelial cells. Adipose tissue contains many small blood vessels.; Mice have eight major adipose depots, four of which are within the abdominal cavity. The paired gonadal depots are attached to the uterus and ovaries in females and the epididymis and testes in males; the paired retroperitoneal depots are found along the dorsal wall of the abdomen, surrounding the kidney, and, when massive, extend into the pelvis. The mesenteric depot forms a glue-like web that supports the intestines, and the omental depot, which originates near the stomach and spleen, and, when massive, extends into the ventral abdomen.