The portion of the hindlimb that contains both the stylopod and zeugopod. [ ]

Synonyms: tetrapod leg

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uberon_slim, efo_slim, pheno_slim


we use the less open to misinterpretation 'hindlimb zeugopod'. Editor note: currently declared as overlapping foot, as AOs disagree over whether some ankle parts are in the leg or foot

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lower extremity

homology notes

Most anatomists now agree that the three proximal bones of the tetrapod limbs are homologous to the two or three proximal elements of the paired fin skeleton of other sarcopterygians, that is the humerus-femur, radius-tibia, and ulna-fibula.[well established][VHOG]



terminology notes

The term leg can mean: [1] an appendage on which an animal walks [2] the entire hindlimb of a tetrapod [3] the segment of a human leg between knee and ankle (cf FMA) [4] the region of a hindlimb include the stylopod and zeugopod, but excluding the autopod. We define this class as [4], and thus 'leg' is compltely analagous to 'arm'. For [1], see the class 'locomotive weight-bearing appendage'. For [2] we use 'hindlimb'. For