The invaginated serous membrane that surrounds the lungs (the visceral portion) and lines the walls of the pleural cavity (parietal portion). [ ]

Synonyms: wall of pleural sac

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The serous membrane that covers the lungs and lines the pleural cavity. [Kaufman_MH_and_Bard_JBL, The_anatomical_basis_of_mouse_development_(1999)_San_Diego:_Academic_Press, p.264][VHOG]

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In MA, is_a cavity lining (which we equate to parietal). In FMA, is_a (viscous) serous membrane (which includes mesothelium plus connective tissue). Note the MA structure should probably be associated with the mesothelium of pleura in FMA. JB/EHDAA2 argues the term 'pleura' is best used for the mesothelial lining (thus excluding connective tissue). See

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pleural tissue



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