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plural term
branchial muscles [ TAO : 0000172 ]
  • Innervation notes: They are innervated by the pharyngeal branch of the Vagus nerve (CN X) with the exception of the stylopharyngeus muscle which is innervated by the glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX).[WP]
  • A muscle that acts on the pharynx[WP, vetted].
depicted by
external definition
  • A pharyngeal muscle is any muscle that forms part of the pharynx[GO].
fma set term
has exact synonym
  • muscle of pharynx
  • pharynx muscle
  • branchial muscle
  • pharynx muscle organ
  • muscle organ of pharynx
has related synonym
  • musculi pharyngis
  • branchial muscles
  • musculus pharyngis
  • tunica muscularis pharyngis
  • UBERON:0000933