Compound organ that does not contain macroscopic anatomical spaces. [ ]

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Term information

database cross reference
  • EHDAA2:0003074
  • HAO:0000074
  • TAO:0001491
  • FMA:55670
  • ZFA:0001491
  • TGMA:0001859
  • CARO:0000074
  • XAO:0003164
  • AEO:0000074
  • BILA:0000074
  • AAO:0010019

upper_level, organ_slim

plural term
solid compound organs [ ZFA:0001491 ]

curator notes

this class was introduced for consistency with CARO, however, it has yet to be used in this or other ontologies. It may be retired in the future. Note also that we place the FMA class 'solid organ' here, and the FMA includes many glands plus the liver as solid organs, which some may find confusing

has related synonym

solid organ

solid compound organs



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