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Gray matter structure located on the midline of the forebrain consisting of the septum pellucidum (in some species) and the septal nuclei (Heimer, 1996). [ BIRNLEX:963 ]

Synonyms: area septalis telencephalon septum septal area septum (NN)

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Term information



latin term
massa praecommissuralis [ NeuroNames:255 ]

latin term
septum pellucidum (BNA,PNA) [ NeuroNames:255 ]

latin term
area septalis [ FMA:TA FMA:61842 ]

latin term
septum telencephali [ NeuroNames:255 ]

external definition

Subdivision of the telencephalon on the midline between the lateral ventricles which contains the septum pellucidum and the septal nuclei[FMA][FMA:61842].

has broad synonym



has related synonym

septum pellucidum (BNA,PNA)

massa praecommissuralis

septal region

septum telencephali