The group of nerve cell bodies that conveys auditory sensation from the organ of Corti to the hindbrain and resides on the cochlear part of the vestibulocochlear nerve (eighth cranial nerve)[MP]. distributed to the hair cells of the spiral organ. The cochlear fibers arise in bipolar cells in the spiral ganglion in the modiolus. [ ]

Synonyms: spiral ganglion Corti's ganglion cochlear part of vestibulocochlear ganglion vestibulocochlear VIII ganglion cochlear component ganglion of Corti

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in BTO this is part of the cochlear modiolus, but this leads to the CG being in both the nervous and skeletal systems

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vestibulocochlear ganglion cochlear component
ganglion spirale
spiral ganglion of cochlea
ganglion cochlearis
ganglion spirale cochleae