The motor and sensory nerve subdivision of the trigeminal nerve that transmits sensory information from the auricle, the external acoustic meatus, tympanic membrane, temporal region, the cheek, the skin overlying the mandible, the anterior portion of the tongue, the floor of the mouth, lower teeth and gingiva and transmits motor information from the muscles of mastication, the mylohyoid muscle and digastric muscle and the muscles tensor tympani and tensor veli palatini. [ MP:0009800 ]

Synonyms: nervus mandibularis [vc] mandibular division [Vc] third division of trigeminal nerve ramus mandibularis (ramus V3) mandibular nerve [V3] mandibular division of fifth cranial nerve third division of fifth cranial nerve nervus mandibularis [v3] mandibular division [V3] mandibular nerve [Vc] inferior maxillary nerve trigeminal V nerve mandibular division mandibular division of trigeminal nerve [Vc; V3] nervus mandibularis [Vc; V3]

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nervus mandibularis [vc] [ FMA:52996 FMA:TA ]

latin term
nervus mandibularis [v3] [ FMA:TA FMA:52996 ]

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trigeminal nerve mandibular division

nervus mandibularis

n. mandibularis