Dorsal part (roof region) of the telencephalon[GO]. [ ]

Synonyms: dorsal telencephalic area dorsal telencephalon area dorsalis telencephali dorsal part of telencephalon

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In the anatomy of animals, an avian pallium is the dorsal telencephalon of a bird's brain. Pallium of avian species tend to be relatively large, comprising ~75% of the telencephalic volume.



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In humans the cerebrum has three parts: the archipallium, the paleopallium and the neopallium. The developing telencephalon or forebrain is divided into pallium and subpallium. In amphibians, the cerebrum includes archipallium, paleopallium and some of the basal nuclei. Reptiles first developed a neopallium, which continued to develop in the brains of more recent species to become the neocortex of humans and Old World monkeys. In fish, the archipallium is the largest part of the cerebrum. Some researchers suggest the early archipallium gave rise to the human hippocampus