A mass of cells that develop into the body of the embryo and some extraembryonic tissues [ https://www.worldcat.org/search?q=bn%3A0-683-40008-8 http://www.informatics.jax.org/accession/pvb ]

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latin term
embryoblastus; massa cellularis interna; pluriblastus senior [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inner_cell_mass ]

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development notes

This structure forms in the earliest steps of development, before implantation into the endometrium of the uterus has occurred.The ICM lies within the blastocyst cavity and is entirely surrounded by the single layer of cells called trophoblast. [Wikipedia:Inner_cell_mass]

external definition

A group of cells found in the mammalian blastocyst that give rise to the embryo. [Biology_Online][VHOG]

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early embryoblast


embryoblastus; massa cellularis interna; pluriblastus senior

homology notes

A small sphere of cells known as the inner cell mass lies within the trophoblast (of all eutherian mammals).[well established][VHOG]