The surface (external) layer of ectoderm which begins to proliferate shortly after separation from the neuroectoderm. [ MP:0012532 ]

Synonyms: surface ectoderm surface (external) ectoderm

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(or external ectoderm) forms the following structures: Skin Epithelium of the mouth and nasal cavity saliavary glands, and glands of mouth and nasal cavity Enamel - as a side note dentin and dental pulp are formed from ectomesenchyme which is derived from ectoderm Epithelium of pineal and pituitary glands Lens and cornea of the eye Apical ectodermal ridge inducing development of the limb buds of the embryo. Sensory receptors in epidermis

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merge with non-neural. In vertebrates, the ectoderm has three parts: external ectoderm (also known as surface ectoderm), the neurectoderm (neural crest, and neural tube)