Thickened areas of the saccule or utricle where the termination of the vestibular nerve occurs[MESH,modified]. [ ]

Synonyms: sensory patch maculae sensory macula macula

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Term information

database cross reference
  • GAID:777
  • ZFA:0000386
  • TAO:0000386
  • MESH:D008267

uberon_slim, pheno_slim

plural term

plural term
acoustic maculae [ MESH:A09.246.631.909.625.125 ]

curator notes

this refers to the inner ear structure, not the macula of the retina. We follow ZFA in including a grouping class for the macula of utricle and sacule

external definition

Patches of thickened, pseudostratified epithelium of the inner ear, consisting of regular arrays of sensory hair cells interspersed with supporting cells. Each patch has its own charcteristic shape and polarity pattern. (See Anatomical Atlas entry for sensory patches of the ear by T. Whitfield.)[TAO]

has related synonym

acoustic maculae

acoustic macula