Sensory ganglia located on the dorsal spinal roots within the vertebral column. The spinal ganglion cells are pseudounipolar. The single primary branch bifurcates sending a peripheral process to carry sensory information from the periphery and a central branch which relays that information to the spinal cord or brain. (MSH) * ganglion found on the posterior root of each spinal nerve, composed of the unipolar nerve cell bodies of the sensory neurons of the nerve. (CSP) [ BIRNLEX:2596 ]

Synonyms: ganglion of dorsal root spinal ganglion part of peripheral nervous system spinal ganglion dorsal root ganglion ganglion spinalis

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ganglion sensorium nervi spinalis [ ]

plural term
dorsal root ganglia

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development notes

The sensory ganglia of spinal nerves arise only from the neural crest, whereas many sensory ganglia of the 'dorsal' cranial nerves arise from epibranchial placodes as well as the neural crest[DOI:10.1093/icb/icn065]

external definition

Trunk ganglion which is located adjacent to the spine on a dorsal root and contains the cell bodies of afferent sensory nerves.[TAO]

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MA and EMAPA introduce distinct classes for what appears to be the same thing

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ganglion spinale

posterior root ganglion

dorsal root ganglia


ganglion sensorium nervi spinalis

homology notes

From comparative analyses of craniate brains, a morphotype of the brain in the earliest craniate stock can be constructed. In marked contrast to cephalochordates, the ancestral craniate morphotype had a plethora of unique features, which included a telencephalon with pallial and subpallial parts, paired olfactory bulbs with substantial projections to most or all of the telencephalic pallium, paired lateral eyes and ears, a lateral line system for both electroreception and mechanoreception, spinal cord dorsal root ganglia, and an autonomic nervous system.[well established][VHOG]