The fluid surrounding the ovum and granulosa cells in the ovarian follicle. [ MESH:D015571 ]

Synonyms: ovary follicle fluid liquor folliculi liquor follicularis

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ovarian follicular fluid

antral fluid, ovarian follicle

liquor folliculi

ovary follicular fluid



structure notes

The follicular fluid contains sex steroids, glycoprotein hormones, plasma proteins, mucopolysaccharides, and enzymes and is rich in hyaluronic acid.

taxon notes

Generally, larger species such as ovine, equine, porcine, human, and bovine have larger follicles, with the fluid comprising a substantial proportion of the volume of the follicles at ovulation (estimated at >95% in bovine [3]). Smaller species such as rats and mice have smaller follicles with fractionally less follicular fluid[20164441]